Community Management In Marketing

How important is community management in marketing? So to know the reason why it is important, let us tackle the following information about this below.

What Is Community Management In Marketing?

Community Management In Marketing is the process of managing the issues that are caused by the members within a community. Community Management usually utilizes social media.

It is to get in touch with the customers and solve the problems. Besides, community management in marketing is also responsible for building and maintaining a community to increase online visibility.

For example, a company wants to sell its products online. But they do not have enough budget to hire an expensive advertising agency. 

They can do it by creating a community on Facebook or Pinterest. The members in these communities can be free to share their experiences with other people. 

And they can also promote the products together with their friends. Through this way, they can reach more people and get more sales.

Besides, community management in marketing also does not only focus on online communities. But also focus on offline communities. It is because most of the companies are not just selling their products online now.

But also selling their products offline. For instance, fast food restaurants will hold some activities in their stores to attract more customers and create new ideas for them. 

These activities are usually created by themselves or through collaboration with third parties. Such as event agencies and other marketing companies.

The community management also works closely with advertising agencies. It is to make sure that all of their ads are getting enough views from different kinds of target customers. 

Besides, it also takes care of all of the problems that might occur during these events and makes sure that everything is going well on time.

What Community Management In Marketing Is Not?

In general, most people think that Community Management In Marketing is just creating online communities. And also managing them well to get more sales or promotion.

But some other tasks need to be done too before we talk about this point. So let us take a look at what community management in marketing is not below:

  • It is not just creating online communities. It is also managing the offline communities that are done by the company. 
  • This is not only managing online communities. It also manages offline communities. 
  • It is not only managing social media posts made by the company. It also manages the posts made by the other members as well. 
  • Community management is not just about solving the problems of members in different communities. It is also about creating and building a community to increase the visibility of companies and products. 
  • Does not only help companies that are selling their products online. But also those that are selling them offline too. 

What Are The Main Tasks Of Community Management In Marketing?

The main tasks of community management in marketing are as follows:

  • Creating and building an online community. 
  • Managing this community well to increase the visibility of companies and products. 
  • Helping companies to reach more customers through different kinds of communities.  
  • To solve the problems that occur in these communities.
  • Access potential customers through social media now that there are many social media networks nowadays. 
  • Helping companies to create and manage offline activities that could help them to get more sales.  
  • To manage their ads well so that they can get enough views from different kinds of target customers.  
  • Helping advertising agencies manage their ads well by using social media effectively.  
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