The VP Community Impact

What does it mean about the VP community impact? What is the purpose of VP community impact? These are the things we will tackle below.

What Is VP Community Impact?

VP community impact is the way to show the value of your VP tokens. It is done by performing social good. 

How can you do it? You can do it by simply donating your tokens to a charity or by taking action against pollution.

There are many ways to contribute to the community and in this article, we will give you some ideas. But first, please note that you must be an active member of the Verge community to qualify for VP Community Impact. 

In other words, these rules only apply to people who are already active members of the Verge community. And also who have been contributing well since their joining.

How To Qualify For VP Community Impact?

So, how do we qualify for VP Community impact? The answer is pretty simple. 

You just need to be an active member of the Verge community for a long time. For example, you can comment on various posts on social media such as Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit. 

Or you can also create your blog post about Verge on Medium or Steemit and share it with the world. The key point here is that you should always share positive news about Verge with the rest of the world. 

If you want more examples about activities that qualify you for VP core impact, please visit one of these links:

How Much Can You Earn Per Year By Being An Active Member Of The Verge Community?

Now, this is a simple question with a complicated answer. It Is because it depends on how much an average person gets paid in their country.

And also how much time does their spend on contributing to the Verge community every day? For example, according to statistics from Payscale, an average computer.

And also information systems manager in the United States earns 8,847 USD per year. That means if you are an active member of the Verge community, you can earn about 0.43 USD for every hour of your activity online. 

Although it may seem small, it is a great way to make good money. Especially with the price of Verge constantly increasing. 

What Are The Challenges Of VP Community Impact?

Now that you know the purpose of VP community impact, let’s talk about the challenges. So the first challenge is that you need to be an active member of the Verge community for a long time.

And also you must be doing a lot of positive things for Verge. If you are just a newbie in Verge, then it will not work well for you. 

Especially when it comes to earning VP tokens. The second challenge is that you must be active on the internet all day long. 

Yes, this is a big challenge because most people do not have enough time to do social media activities every day. And also many people are not good at communicating with others on social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

So, if you are one of them, then you should consider hiring someone else who is an expert at this to do it for you. The third challenge is that there will be so many people who want to get paid for this activity. 

That means there will be competition and the amount paid will go down over time. So, if you want more VP tokens for your contribution.

Then you need to contribute more than others do. That is why we recommend that you should start doing this now before the competition gets bigger and bigger every day. 

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