Community Management Metrics

What is the purpose of community management metrics? How important are the community management metrics in the industry? These are the things we will discuss below.

What Is Community Management Metrics?

Community management metrics are the results of community management efforts. What are the actions and activities performed by a community? 

These metrics help community managers in their work.

Community Management Metrics Help Community Managers

Community management metrics are very useful for community managers. It is because they can use them to compare their work with the results of their previous work. 

They also can use these metrics as a basis for future actions. The trends and changes in the community’s activity can be easily seen from the set of metrics. 

So this is very important because it helps the community manager to understand what is going on at the moment. And also what should be done to keep things going in a positive direction and achieve the goals set by the company.

For example, if a community manager notices a particular action (e.g., some promotion). So bringing only a small number of new members means that this type of action should be avoided in the future. 

If there is nothing wrong with this action (it is not immoral or illegal). Then it should be done again with a new approach or maybe just more often.

Metrics Are Important For Community Managers

Another important feature of community management metrics is that they allow us to see which activities are more productive. So this means that community managers can focus on what needs to be done in the future. 

And avoid wasting time on actions with a low ROI. For example, if a community manager sees that something is wrong with the interface. 

And the interface is not very popular among the community members. So they can make some changes to it to make it more convenient and useful for all the users. 

And also to make this interface more popular among the members of the community.

How Is Community Management Metrics Collected?

The most common way of collecting metrics is by using surveys and questionnaires. These are usually conducted via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. 

Or they can be distributed through email, but this is a less effective way. Usually, there is a special form in which users can answer questions about their general opinion of a particular product or service.

So this helps us understand what they think about it. In addition, they are also given options that they can choose from to answer certain questions. 

For example, “I recommend our product to my friends” or “I would like to see some changes regarding X” and so on. Other tools are used for collecting metrics: forums and surveys on websites, blogs, and so on. 

These tools not only help us collect information about our product or service. But also allow us to communicate with our target audience and get direct feedback from them. 

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