The VP Community Affairs

What is the job of the VP of community affairs? So we will tackle the following information about this job and how important this job is in the industry.

What Is VP Community Affairs?

VP community affairs are the person who handles the overall relationship between the company and its communities. The community affairs manager is the person who is a point of contact for the customers and users of the product. 

So this manager works with the executives, sales, and marketing teams to build. And also supports positive relationships with customers and users.

What Does VP Community Affairs Do?

The VP community affairs are responsible for several things including:

  • Identifies and wishes to keep up with changing customer expectations and interactions.
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, channels, influencers, and government organizations.
  • Provides information about new products to help the business meet its goals and objectives.
  • Assists business units in identifying risks and opportunities that are relevant to our business units.
  • Reporting on performance, effectiveness, security risks, public relations issues, community engagement tactics, trends of customers, partners, suppliers, channels, influencers, and government organizations.
  • Manages relationships with key stakeholders in all communities that include but are not limited to partners (vendors), suppliers (distributors), etc., influencers (experts), media. Also, it represents the organization at all levels of these communities.

Then in front of government representatives or other external bodies or committees. Provides information about new products to help businesses meet their goals and objectives.

  • Providing input into the strategic planning process for all communities at a global level. Works with other departments internally (marketing communications) to understand how our activities impact them.

So from a communication perspective to coordinate effectively and efficiently. Also, provides recommendations to the global management team on how we can better integrate our communications with other internal areas to better communicate externally.

Furthermore, it provides input into the succession planning process for any community. That may be acquired or merged to provide continuity post-merger shock or acquisition integration problems (i.e., lack of communication).

That could cause concerns within the customer base or external stakeholders. A participates in business development activities such as customer visits, trade shows, etc., when necessary (i.e., when requested by marketing teams).

What Are The Risks Of VP Community Affairs?

Here are some of the following risks of VP community affairs:


Without the proper communications from the VP of Community Affairs, it is very easy for the business to lose credibility with customers and users. 

So this person must be able to create a positive relationship with customers and users.


Without properly managing community affairs, it can lead to poor productivity within an organization.


If the VP of community affairs is not aware of security risks in communications. Then the business can become exposed to security risks that are not being managed.


If a company is not managing its image well with customers or users. Then it can harm its bottom line.


One of the most important things that this person does is listen to feedback from customers and users about products. So this will help improve products over time for better results when selling in the marketplace.

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