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How can you become a good manager?

“The first thing is to be a good listener,” says the head of HR at a leading organization. “Don’t appear to be an expert and talk down to people. Make them feel comfortable, and ask ‘how?’ questions. 

Let them lead. And if it isn’t going well, ask for feedback. Good managers are open and receptive. When you are open to feedback and listen to people, they’re more willing to trust and follow you.”

How Do You Attract Good Staff?

Good managers know how to attract good staff: they have a clear vision of what they want, they provide clear directions and opportunities for growth, they are transparent in their requests and expectations, they are generous in their praise and encouragement, and they even ask the staff what they can do better. Good managers could have a Ph.D. in human psychology: They know that love is attention!

Gaining People’s Trust

What does it take to gain someone else’s trust? It takes a lot of patience.

You need to show them your true intention, your goodwill; you need to display your character through your words and actions; you need to show them that you genuinely care about them; and last but not least, you need to be consistent in your commitment. Seek the benefit of others before seeking your own. That is how leaders gain the trust of others — by benefiting others first!

How Do You Develop Good Leaders?

“The first thing to look for is a good attitude,” says a VP of HR at a prominent organization. “If you can find people who are willing to learn, who are willing to work hard, and who put the company first, they will make good leaders. 

I also believe in looking for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences; it makes them more flexible in coping with the unexpected. 

Finally, I look for people who have good interpersonal skills: They can manage people at all levels, not just their peers. That’s how you develop good leaders.”

What Is the Most Common Mistake in Management?

It’s not doing something! As a leader, you need to know that every day is important and that every minute can be used in a meaningful way. 

A good manager knows that time is money and money is time — use it wisely! Don’t make the mistake of either being too proactive or too reactive; instead, be mindful of each moment as an opportunity for productive action. 

Learn from the past and plan for the future — but don’t waste time doing so! Know the balance between action and reflection, between planning and execution — between “to do” and “done!”

Best Advice for Aspiring Managers

Be humble! Always be mindful of your responsibilities, never take success for granted, and don’t let your ego get in the way of your actions. Never lose sight of your mission: To serve others before serving yourself! And finally: If you want to be a good manager today, be sure to constantly learn new skills. 

The world has changed dramatically over the last few years: New technologies have drastically changed how we live, networked computers have made us more interconnected than ever before, social media has given everyone a voice, business models are getting disrupted left and right. Good managers know how to navigate this new landscape with ever-increasing velocity — adaptability is key!

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