Community Management Platform

What is the purpose of having a community management platform? So we will tackle the following information about the community management platform.

What Is A Community Management Platform?

A community management platform is software that will help you to manage your community as a social media manager. By using this community management, you can easily manage your community, forum, Facebook group, and so on. 

A platform will make your social media management easy. Also, it automate the work.

A Community Management Can Be Many Things

Some community management platforms are not only used to manage communities. Also, some of them provide other functions such as image management and video library. 

The following are some of the most common functions of a platform.

Communities Management: 

This function is used to manage communities such as forums, Facebook groups, and so on. 

Image Management: 

This function is used to manage images such as storing, uploading, and downloading images. 

Video Library: 

This function is used to manage videos such as storing, uploading, and downloading videos. 

Discussion Management: 

The function is used to manage discussions in the community or forum. 

Event Management: 

It is used to manage events for the community or forum. 

Email Management: 

It is a function that is used to manage emails for the community or forum. 

Email Template Management: 

The function is used to create email templates for email campaigns. 

Social Media Automation: 

Another function is used to automate social media activities through scheduling posts on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. 

Website Integration: 

It is used to integrate websites with the community or forum through API integration such as WordPress and Drupal integration. 

Third Party Integration: 

So this function is used to integrate third-party services with the community or forum through third-party integration. Such as MailChimp integration and Klout integration with the Klout integration system.

Where your users’ data will be imported into the Klout account in real-time. When they login into their account on your website I have been a member of several online communities over the years.

But we have never seen one that has a better system than this one.

How Important Is This Community Management Platform In The Company?

Many companies have a platform. Some of them use the community management platform for their internal use. 

So this company will be used for managing their communities. Such as forums, Facebook groups by using this community management platform. 

Other companies use this community management platform to manage their clients’ communities or forums for them. The following are some companies that have a community management platform.


It is a social media analytics company that provides social media analytics and management software. They provide Klout Score and Klout Perks to their users. 


It is a marketing automation service provider founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, USA, and London, UK. 

. In 2018, the company acquired Sumo Group for an undisclosed amount of money from Sumo Group’s co-founder Noah Kagan. The company raised more than $100 million US dollars.

Since its inception from investors such as Amazon Alexa Fund and Salesforce Ventures. It is one of the largest venture capital investors in the world. 

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