Community Management Plan

The section will guide us in creating a community management plan. It will be step by step in detail. Also, we will discuss the following advantages of having community management.

What Is A Community Management Plan?

The community management plan is like a map. To keep your community members engaged and motivate them to contribute to the community. It is a guideline for community moderators, managers, and owners. The plan is also referred to as the community guidelines.

Why Do We Need Community Management?

In many communities or social networks, you will find that there are terrible things. Such as spam, harassment, abuse, and fake accounts. These issues can cause a huge negative impact on the reputation of your brand.

To avoid it, you need to have a community management plan or guidelines for users. However, it does not mean that you need to punish people for breaking rules.

They might be unaware of it or it is their mistake. A good community manager can solve this problem by educating them about the rules or by using his or her positive attitude towards them.

Now, here are the following steps in creating a Community Management Plan.

Step 1: Write The Mission Statement

The first and the most important step is to write the mission statement. The mission statement will be the foundation of your plan. It tells the purpose of your community management plan.

Step 2: Create Community Guidelines

Create a document or document template based on your mission statement. It includes all the rules, regulations, memberships, and communities guidelines. You can use a simple Google Docs or Word document. You can also use online forms and templates. Things that you have to consider when creating guidelines are as follows:

Research about other communities or social networks that have similar rules and regulations.

Step 3: Organize The Content

The third step is to organize the content and categorize it. This step is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is to do some brainstorming and then categorize it based on the topic.

As a website, you can use headings, paragraphs, and bullet points to create a clear structure for your members.

Step 4: Start The Implementation

If you have created the mission statement or the document, now it is time to start implementing it. You can start with your community or social network first. 

Also, you can only implement the guidelines that are appropriate for your community or social network. You can also use some of them as references.

Step 5: Schedule A Check And Balance

The final step is to schedule a check and balance regularly. To make sure that all the rules are followed properly by all members. This will help you see if there are any issues or causes of concern in your community or social network.

You can also show this plan to your members and get their feedback about it. So that they are more involved in the process of creating a community management plan.

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