5150 Community Management

What is 5150 community management? What is the purpose of 5150 in community management? These are the things we will discuss.

Introducing 5150 Community Management

5150 is a term used to describe California state law. That allows the police or medical personnel to take into custody any individual they deem to be dangerous to themself or others. 

So this is typically a term used within the context of mental illness. Individuals who are suffering from a mental illness are not always able to take care of themselves and may become a danger to themselves or others.

When an individual is taken into custody. Their medical diagnosis and treatment will be used to determine if they need further treatment in a psychiatric hospital. 

The term 5150 is used for these individuals because it typically takes place between 5:00 AM and 1:00 AM. When an individual is held in this state, it is known as a ‘5150 hold’ or ‘5150 order’.

The purpose of the 5150 community management tool. It is to help keep community members safe by providing a way for the police, family members, and other community members.

So this is to protect individuals who may be in danger of harming themselves or others.

How Does 5150 Community Management Work?

5150 community management involves holding an individual against their will to protect them from harming themselves or others. This is different from involuntary commitment.

Where the individual is committed against their will and must stay until they are no longer deemed dangerous. Involuntary commitment can be ordered by doctors as well as judges depending on the circumstances. 

Involuntary commitment can also be ordered if an individual refuses treatment. Even though they are showing symptoms of mental illness.

Community management can only be ordered by doctors or law enforcement personnel who have written documentation. That allows them to hold this person who has been determined by medical professionals as being dangerous. 

In most cases, this means that the person needs psychiatric care but does not want to receive it voluntarily. It is because they do not think it will help them or they feel that there is no point in receiving treatment.

When nothing can change their situation. In extreme cases, this may involve committing someone for a certain amount of time if they do not comply with treatment.

Also, if they display signs of becoming violent towards themselves or others. These individuals will typically only stay in a hospital for 24 hours unless they refuse treatment after that period has elapsed.

Then they will be ordered held involuntarily until they are deemed medically stable enough to leave. Community management provides an alternative solution. 

So those individuals who may not want to receive treatment. Do not have to be involuntarily committed. 


It is a good solution for individuals who are mentally ill and are not being treated properly. Also, those who do not want to be committed against their will because they feel they can handle the situation on their own.

This allows the individual to receive treatment without having to be committed against their will. Also, allows them to remain in their own home and community while they receive treatment instead of being confined to a hospital. 

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