The VP Community Health

What is the purpose of having a VP of community health? How important is this position in the health industry? These are the things we will discuss.

What Is VP Community Health?

VP community health is healthcare or a medical position in a hospital. It’s not just an ordinary position. 

This position can change your career. Also, this position is not too hard to get because it’s very high in demand. 

You need to know that this position will be the bridge between the hospital and the community. Because of this, you need to know that it is no longer just about working for you but also for public health in general.

The person who holds this position is responsible for public health as well as community health at the hospital. One of the most important responsibilities of this person is to assess the needs of the public and their healthcare needs. 

In addition, they are also responsible for creating a better healthcare community for those who are underprivileged. Another one of his responsibilities is to develop ways on how the community can get involved with healthcare services. 

Also, they should promote community-based programs which are focused on preventing the following:

  • Illness
  • Disease
  • Developing good health habits
  • Lifestyles among its people

What Are The Requirements To Get VP Community Health?

The first requirement to get this position is to have a bachelor’s degree in any field of study. It includes business administration, public health administration.

Also, any other related field only if you want to work directly with management or administration staff members. If you want to work directly with patients.

Then you need to have specialized training in their respective fields such as medicine or nursing. You should take note that there are a lot of training programs for this position online.

Also, offline that you can take advantage of which makes it easy for you to get trained without spending too much money on it. The second requirement is experienced working in the healthcare industry or with people from your local area.

It is because these are very important when working on this type of career. You will have more knowledge about what these people need from their healthcare services.

So that they will be more motivated to participate actively in their health care activities. And also medical programs offered by your hospital.

How Much Is The Salary Of This Position?

The salary of this position is up to you. Because it can be discussed in your negotiation with the company where you are applying for this position.

What Are The Risks Of Being A VP Of Community Health?

There are several risks when you are in this position and it includes:

1. You must have good communication skills. 

2. You need to be open with your community and healthcare providers. Because they will give you some insights into the people in your community.  

3. You will need to work in shifts because there are a lot of patients that need your services 24/7.

4. You need to have a good working relationship with the staff and workers of the hospital. So that they will trust you more and open up to you about the needs of the hospital’s patients.  

5. If you want to work as a community health worker. Then you need to be willing and ready to visit those who are underprivileged. And also those who are not financially stable for their health care services.  

6. You need to understand the needs of your community, especially those who are financially challenged. 


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