virtual team building

Virtual team building activities are different from traditional team building activities. This is because they are done online and through the use of technology. They also have a more casual feel to them. In this section, we’ll take a look at some virtual team-building activities that you can try.

Ideas for Virtual Team Building

Go to a virtual cafe. 

This activity is perfect for an online meeting with your team members. It helps get everyone to know each other better and will help you open up to each other. You can do this activity in two ways: either you choose a virtual cafe for your entire session or you ask your teammates to go to one of their choosing first, so you can go to a different one later. 

You can also ask each person in your team to share something about themselves when they meet at the cafe. The idea is to get them talking about themselves, so others will learn more about them and build trust among the members of the team.

Play a game where everyone gets points instead of one winner. 

In this game, everyone should get points for the questions they answer correctly or for the tasks they complete successfully during the activity. The person with the highest point total at the end of the activity wins, but everyone wins by getting points!

Play “What’s My Name?” 

This is an ice breaker that helps people get to know each other better and make new friends online. To play “What’s My Name?” Everyone in your team should write their names on index cards, their favorite food and drink on another card, and their favorite movie title on another card. Put all these cards into one box so no one can see what anyone else has written down on any of their cards before you’re ready for play to begin. Then, start playing! 

Have everyone sit in a circle and turn on some background music for ambiance (optional). Then, take a card out of the box and read aloud what someone has written on that card without showing it to anyone else in your team (just whisper it if you think someone may try to peek). Then, ask that person their name, what their favorite food and drink is and what their favorite movie title is. 

If they answer correctly, then you give them that card as a prize! If not, then you put that card back into the box for another person to try to win it. When the box is empty, the game is over. You can play this game with just one card or with several cards.


In summary, as a team leader, you need to be the game master, prepare the list of cards and follow up on everyone’s answers. It is often best to prepare this activity in advance so that you can create the cards for the food and drink questions with a website that has a list of foods like You can also use this website to find movies that are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The team members can prepare their question cards ahead of time too.

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