Community Management Workshop

Where can we attend the community management workshop? How important is it to take the community management workshop? These are the things we will tackle.

What Is A Community Management Workshop?

A community management workshop is a great place to meet with your peers and share experiences. It is a way to discuss what you have learned and ask for others’ advice. 

Community management is a very broad field and running a community requires much more than just technical skills. The community management workshop will be run by members of the Community Management SIG.

Those who are also running the community management track at FOSDEM. We will provide an introduction to our program, an overview of past sessions, and some insights into upcoming sessions. 

People can also discuss how they see community management growing in the Free Software world. And also what they think is important to learn about this topic.

When Is The Community Management Workshop?

The community management workshop takes place on Saturday, January 31st. At 10h30 there is a general introduction to the program and afterward, people can split up into groups to discuss specific topics of interest. 

Participants can leave at any time, but we would love it if you would stay until the end of the afternoon (around 17h00).

Who Can Attend A Community Management Workshop?

Anyone is invited to attend. There are no prerequisites you need to be a community manager or run a community of your own.

We would love it if you come along and share your experiences, insights, and knowledge with us. The community management track is open to everyone interested in the topic. 

It’s not for beginners though. So do not feel discouraged if you do not have much practical experience in this topic yet. 

We will try to give you some idea of what community management is all about. 

How Important Is A Community Management Workshop?

 Being a community manager is a great way to get to know people in the community you are running. It can also be a way to find help when you are getting started and need to find out how things should work and not least.

It’s an awesome way to meet people and learn more about your field of interest. Making sure that people, especially newcomers, feel welcome is an important part of being a community manager.

What Are The Challenges of Taking This workshop?

Firstly, the challenge is that it is not entirely clear what people want to learn about. As a community manager, you are responsible for many different things and these are only a few of them. 

Greeting newcomers, encouraging people to get involved. Also, bringing people together and making sure they feel welcome is only a part of it. 

The other part is making sure that everyone has an idea of what the community wants and how they can participate in the community. The last part is to make sure that the community gets what it needs. 

So this could be workshops for new members, bug triaging, or documentation. It could also be organizing events, like hack fests, conferences, or local meetups. 

And don’t forget that you are often the voice of your community. 

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