Community Management Strategy

There are many community management strategy examples you can implement. Having this community management strategy can help you to succeed. Let’s find out more.

What Is A Community Management Strategy?

A community management strategy is a process or plan for establishing and managing a community. It also includes everything from selecting the most fitting platforms to creating an ideal community.

It is to use it as an effective engagement channel. A community management strategy is a long-term process, which means you should start developing it at the very beginning of your community-building process. 

So this can help you to define and create a clear strategy for how you want to develop your brand and engage with your customers. You can also use this strategy for how you want to interact with your community.

Top Tips For Developing Your Community Management Strategy:

Select The Right Platforms:

So this depends on the size of your company and the nature of your business. But don’t forget to consider social media channels as they are still one of the fastest-growing tools in the world today.

Create An Effective Engagement Channel:

Make sure you have everything from clear goals to manage expectations. Also, as well as an effective way to gather feedback to improve upon what you are doing.

Define Your Goals:

What are your main objectives? Do you want to increase sales? Boost customer service? Or do you just want to build a better relationship with your customers? Whatever it is, make sure you are clear about this before moving forward.

Choose The Right Tools:

No matter what type of platform or tool you are going to use. So make sure that it aligns with your overall goals and objectives.

Have A Management Plan:

So this is essential for keeping on top of everything. You don’t want any issues or problems to arise later on down the line so make sure that everything has a plan.

And also that there is someone responsible for each step along the way. If possible, delegate tasks between different people so that everyone feels like they have ownership over what they are doing.

Examples Community Management Strategy

Here are the examples of community management strategies:

1. Uber

Uber started in San Francisco in 2009. The company also develops mobile apps. So this mobile app is one of the most popular apps people are using today. 

Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. They created this platform to make sure that people can get a ride whenever they want. 

It offers people the possibility to use their smartphones to arrange the ride. And they only pay when they get out of the vehicle. So this service is available in more than 450 cities across the world today. 

Also, this shows that it has become a very successful business model for many people.

2. Facebook

Facebook started when Mark Zuckerberg was studying at Harvard University in 2004. So this social platform is now available in many different languages.

And also more than 2 billion different users are using Facebook every month. So this shows how important this social platform has become for many different people around the world in such a short time. 

It is becoming one of the most popular communication tools available at the moment. So it shows its success as a business model as well as a community management strategy example implemented.

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