Community Management Plan Example

There are a lot of community management plan examples. We will tackle the following example of a community management plan.

What Is A Community Management Plan Example?

A community management plan example is a detailed outline of actions and policies necessary to manage the community. In short, it is a document that outlines the actions needed to run a community.

Who Is A Community Management Plan Example For?

Anyone who is looking for a sample plan for managing a community will benefit from this community management plan. So this outline can serve as a guide and help direct you towards what needs to be done.

It is to get started with your community management plan.

What Are The Benefits Of A Community Management Plan?

There are many benefits to using this community management plan. First, it saves you time and frustration tracking down an appropriate outline of actions necessary to run a successful community. 

Second, it allows you to tailor the outline based on your preferences and needs. Third, it will give you confidence in your ability to run and manage an online community.

What Are The Steps To Using A Community Management Plan?

Walk through this outline or use this as inspiration for creating your customized plan for running an online community.

1) Determine the goals of your community.

2) Determine the type of community it is (i.e. a Facebook group, forum, etc.).

3) Determine the level of involvement and interactivity you want with your members (i.e. one-way communication or two-way communication).

4) Determine your overall purpose for running the community (i.e. gain attention, generate traffic, promote your business, etc.).

5) Determine the format of your community (i.e. email newsletter, Facebook group, forum, etc.).

How Important Is A Community Management Plan?

We would argue it is rather important for several reasons. First, it helps you organize your thoughts and make sure that you are covering all of the bases.

Second, it gives you a solid foundation to build your community on. Third, it will give you confidence in your ability to run and manage an online community.

Fourth, it provides you with an outline of actions to take towards managing your community. Fifth, it provides you with a roadmap in case you get stuck or need guidance.

Who Manages A Community Management Plan?

A community manager is a person responsible for managing and running an online community. They develop and implement community policies, monitor activities, resolve conflicts, and respond to questions or complaints.

Community Manager Job Description:

Community managers are the leaders of online communities. They work to support loyal customers and foster an environment of open dialogue. 

Community managers are often referred to as a “voice” or “face” for the organization. They act as go-betweens to help resolve issues and build relationships with others. 

Community managers also help develop policy guidelines and best practices for the online communities they manage. Often in consultation with senior staff members. 

They are similar to customer service representatives in that they often deal. With common questions from members of the community regularly.

But their tasks and responsibilities are much broader than customer service representatives.

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